BAILIFF – a medievil steward of a wealthy landowner, an overseer

A podgy genetic mutation of a sloth-like carnivore, much despised in

the northern hemisphere since medieval times, when it gained a

reputation for its habitual skulking in mud and dirt and plagued lone women

and children.  Historically used to track down vulnerable older women in

witch-hunts, and bring them to the stake.  Also employed in the hunt to bring

exhausted lone victims to ground.  Gives off an unpleasant, skunk-like odour.

Abides mainly in the cracks of borough council sewers.  Scared off easily by

large dogs.  Avoids conflict when alone.  Returns later with several bailiffs, after

first marking its ground.


Culling has been considered for centuries, but this slimy pest

persists – mainly down to its strategy skills employed in the hunt, where

it feeds off the discarded offal.  Avoid contact.  Do not approach.

To eradicate, put down, close to sewer outlet, wads and ingots,

this usually deals with an early outbreak, but ideally should be

done as soon as one is sited, or more complex techniques will

be needed and the situation can become quickly untenable – these

pests can be difficult to control if they get into human habitats.  Close

all windows and doors.  Some have been sited near you.


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